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For everything you have done for us in the past, everything you still do and will continue to do, we just want you to know how thankful we are, and we look forward to a prosperous future together.

KIA The Major Partner of The Australian Open

Since its first sponsorship in 2002, Kia has been participating in the tournament as the Major Partner to promote and support for the successful event. Since the day one of its partnership, over 100 new Kia vehicles are being supplied to the Tennis Australia every year to ensure the memorable and comfortable mobility experience of the world’s top tennis players, VIPs, officials and media

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AO Ballkids international program by Kia invites next generation of tennis fan into this grand festival
kia & ao
Kia supplies a fleet of vehicles for the Australian Open each year as a major partner for the Grand Sland of the Asia-Pacific..
Kia provides once in a lifetime experience in Australian Open with Kia Lucky Drive to Australia customer invitation program

Kia Brand Ambassador-Rafael Nadal

Since 2004 young Spaniard tennis sensation Rafael Nadal has been acting as a brand ambassador for Kia Motors Corporation. With this ambassadorship, Nadal and Kia have teamed up together to promote Kia’s brand value of ‘The Power to Surprise’ to worldwide. During our partnership of Kia and this Tennis legend, he won 18 grand slams and 1 olympic gold med

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Kia global brand ambassador Rafael Nadal.

Kia hands over a new stinger to Rafael Nadal.

Dream come true: Kia Ball Kids meet a living legend

The official vehicle handover ceremony in 2019

Kia Motors and Rafael Nadal mark 15 years of partnership

The Official Automotive Partner from 2007 to 2022

As a FIFA Partner and the Official Automotive Partner, Kia is supplying official vehicles from its wide-ranging model line-up to FIFA and FIFA events and is boosting its brand recognition through various marketing activities and A-board advertisement in the stadiums.

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This is how we #GetIntoTheGame – Kia Champ into the arena 5 -a-side football tournament
Kia gears up for 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ with vehicle handover, brings the tournament to more football fans.
In 2007, Kia Motors became the Official Partner of FIFA, the biggest foodball federation in the world

UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE Empowering Your Football

Kia Sponsorship of UEFA Europa League The UEFA Europa League is the world’s largest professional club football competition, involving clubs from 54 countries across Europe, and attracting a global cumulative TV audience of 576 million across all programming. Kia Motors has named as a new Official Partner of the UEFA Europa League. The three-year sponsorship agreement commences in time for the 2018/19 season, and runs through to the UEFA Europa League final in 2021.

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Kia Motors becomes an Official Partner of the UEFA Europa League, the world’s largest professional club football competition
Kia Motors kicks off UEFA Europa League as Official Partner for 2018-21
Winners trophy travel around the world and meet global football fans, through UEFA Europa League Trophy tour with Kia
Hero’s walk – Kia Official Match Ball Carrier program gives young football fans once in a lifetime experience.

LOL European Championship Partners with Kia

Partnership with LEC(League of Legends European Championship) led Kia into the world’s most popular esports market. Kia’s sponsorship of the LEC is the latest marketing campaign from a brand experienced in forging closer connections with younger generations.

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By entering E-Sports arena as a main partner of LEC, Kia forged closer connection with younger generations.
Co-operated marketing with LEC allowed Kia to be recognized as E-Sports friendly brand, and to provide much more brand experience to E-Sports fans.
Kia’s brandnew partnership with League of Legends, the most popular game in the world with 115 million players and 200 million viewers
Kia targets younger generation and digital media market, by utilizing League of Legends materials in our online contents, such as Herofilm with LEC.
Product display at the main stage of 2019 spring season final.
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